Some Help for Fasting

Our denomination ( has answered the call of a sister denomination to spend a day to fast and pray as the Supreme Court nears their announced time of decision regarding so-called "Same-Sex Marriage." As this has been announced in our congregation, one dad asked what this might look like in the homes of our congregation. … Continue reading Some Help for Fasting

Capitol Idea

Now, to make an announcement that has been 18 months in the making... In October of 2013, I received an email from Trinity RPC in Maryland, asking if I would consider candidating, if need be, for the pastoral position vacated by Steve Bradley, their pastor of 13 years who now pastors Providence RPC (South Hills … Continue reading Capitol Idea

MondayN Thoughts: Stuff about 12.07.2014

I woke up and swallowed. My throat felt like I had gargled with a box of razor blades. It would be a long day. As I preached in the morning, my voice could only get so loud before it would start to fail. It seemed to me I was whispering all day. Those who know … Continue reading MondayN Thoughts: Stuff about 12.07.2014